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This talk covers why you should reframe how you think about diversity, and why is it so important that you do. Think greater innovation and higher profit—but unique management challenges. Using examples of how the film industry gets diversity right and how it gets it wrong, Tom will give key insight and strategies for managing diverse teams.

Team Building:

How do you architect a team and work environment that affords each member of the team the individual freedom and comfort they need to perform their jobs to their maximum technical and creative ability?

Day-to-Day Management:

Fact: Tough jobs and tough situations require tight management. But that doesn’t mean micro management. So the question is, How do you set up a system of management that automates positive outcomes so that dollars are spent more efficiently, time is managed better, collaboration and innovation are maximized, deadlines are met, stress is reduced, and conflict is diminished?

Tom Reilly will discuss how you can develop simple strategies, for yourself and others that change outcomes systemically including:

How to balance the individual needs of employees against the collective needs of the group and the project as a whole.

How to improve functionality in industries with siloed departments.

Why it's so important to recognize the significance of both assigned and emergent leaders in your workforce.

How to build trust and confidence when you’re thrown together with a new workforce time and again.

How to consistently get peak performance out of your employees.